AdvertorialsAdvertisingYes   YesYes
AffiliatesPartnersYes   Yes 
Aggregator inclusionsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Amazon/Ebay storeWebYes Yes Yes 
Blog/microblogSocialYes   Yes 
Content marketingContentYes   YesYes
Desktop appDesktopYesYesYesYesYes 
Digital banners and signageStores/AdvertisingYesYesYes YesYes
Display remarketingAdvertisingYes   Yes 
EmailEmailYesYes YesYes 
Email signaturesEmailYesYes  Yes 
EventsEventYesYes  YesYes
Facebook advertisingAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Facebook pageSocialYesYes  Yes 
Film/TV product placementTVYes   Yes 
ForumsSocialYesYes  Yes 
Images & InfographicsContentYes   YesYes
In-game adsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Influencer outreachSocialYes   YesYes
InterstitialsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
KiosksStoresYes YesYesYesYes
LinkedIn advertisingAdvertisingYes   Yes 
LinkedIn company profileSocialYes   Yes 
LinkedIn groupSocialYes   Yes 
Local search marketingSearch marketingYes   Yes 
Loyalty cardStoresYes Yes YesYes
Marketing emailEmailYes   Yes 
Member get member’/Recommend a friendSocialYes   YesYes
Mobile advertisingAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Mobile appMobileYesYesYesYesYes 
NFC (Near field communications)Advertising/StoreYes Yes YesYes
Paid placementsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Paid reviewsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Pay per clickSearch marketingYes   Yes 
Peer to peer supportSocialYesYes  Yes 
PR StuntsPRYes   YesYes
PresentationsContentYesYes  YesYes
Press releasesPRYes   YesYes
Prizes/ExhibitionsEventYes   YesYes
Product listing advertsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Push notificationsAdvertisingYes   Yes 
QR codesStoresYes   YesYes
ReceiptsAdvertisingYes   YesYes
Relationship marketingDirectYesYes YesYesYes
Report sponsorshipContentYes   YesYes
Research paperContentYes   YesYes
RFID tagsStores  Yes YesYes
Search engine optimisationSearch marketingYes   Yes 
Smart TV/Xbox/Console appTVYes YesYesYes 
SMSMobileYesYesYes Yes 
SongsAdvertisingYes   YesYes
Tablet appMobileYesYesYesYesYes 
Telephone automation (IVR)Telephone YesYes Yes 
Transactional emailEmailYesYesYesYesYes 
Twitter accountSocialYesYesYes Yes 
Twitter advertisingAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Video ChatDirect Yes  Yes 
VideosContentYesYes  Yes 
Wearable technologyMobileYesYesYesYesYes 
WebchatDirect Yes  Yes 
Website via desktopWebYesYesYesYesYes 
Website via tablet/mobileMobileYes YesYesYes 
WifiMobileYesYesYes Yes 
YouTube ‘pre-rolls’ and TrueViewAdvertisingYes   Yes 
Youtube channelSocialYes   Yes 
Account teamDirect YesYes  Yes
BarkersAdvertisingYesYesYes  Yes
BeermatsPrintYes    Yes
Billboard advertsAdvertisingYes    Yes
BlimpsAdvertisingYes    Yes
Bookends’AdvertisingYes    Yes
Brand hijacksEventYes    Yes
Brand to handAdvertisingYes    Yes
Call centreTelephone YesYes   
Carrier bagsAdvertisingYes    Yes
CatalogueDirectYes    Yes
Celebrity endorsementsAdvertisingYes    Yes
Concession in larger storeStoresYesYesYesYes Yes
Door-to-doorsAdvertisingYesYesYesYes Yes
FaxTelephoneYes Yes  Yes
Field sales agentsDirectYes    Yes
Hold musicTelephoneYes     
In-box adsAdvertisingYes    Yes
InsertsAdvertisingYes    Yes
JinglesAdvertisingYes    Yes
Magazine advertsAdvertisingYes    Yes
OnsertsAdvertisingYes    Yes
Partner salesPartnersYesYesYesYes Yes
Pop up storesStoresYesYesYesYes Yes
POS displaysStoresYesYes   Yes
Postal/White mailDirectYes  Yes Yes
Product packagingAdvertisingYes    Yes
Program sponsorshipTVYes     
Promotional itemsDirectYes    Yes
Radio advertisingAdvertisingYes    Yes
Sandwich boardsAdvertisingYes    Yes
SignageStoresYes    Yes
SmellsStoresYes    Yes
Sports sponsorshipAdvertisingYes    Yes
StoresStoresYesYesYesYes Yes
Street vendorStoresYesYesYesYes Yes
Telephone on hold messagesTelephoneYes     
Telesales/marketingTelephoneYes Yes   
TV advertTVYes     
WearablesAdvertisingYes    Yes

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